How do I inquire about employment opportunities?
You can download a copy of our application and either bring it to our office or fax a copy to us at 214.221.9853. Please understand that you will be required to take a drug test, have no criminal record and have maintained a good driving record to be interviewed.

Where is your service area?
We do the majority of our business in the North Texas region; however, under certain circumstances we can expand our area of coverage to meet specific customer requirements.

Do you service existing systems?
Our technicians are trained and have experience on various types of systems and can in most cases meet all your service needs. Contact our or call us at 214.341.7100.

Do you provide backflow prevention inspections?
Yes. Our technicians are registered in most cities in the DFW area. Contact our or call us at 214.341.7100.

Can you provide me with references?
We can provide, at your request, a complete list of projects and service customers that will encompass some of the largest and most sensitive facilities in the area.

How long have you been in business?
DSS FireGuard, Inc. has been servicing the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1979.

What is your bonding capacity?
DSS FireGuard, Inc. has the financial stability along with tenured time in business to meet almost any bond request. Please ask your DSS FireGuard, Inc. representative for further details.

Are you insured?
DSS FireGuard, Inc. carries adequate insurance requirements and has included in our coverage most if not all the current verbiage the industry requires today.